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The electronics technology program is a 4 semester, 2-year Honors level program. It teaches students about electronics and technology, as well as the applications for that technology.

Program Courses

Electronics 1
Students will study basic direct current (DC) Electronics. This type of electronics deals with voltages/currents that do not vary and is best exemplified by a battery. Students should have some experience with Algebra coming into the class. Projects are built on theory that is studied.

Electronics 2 Honors
Students will study Alternating Current (AC) Electronics. These circuits involve electricity that moves in a sine wave and alternates between positive and negative voltage levels, much like what comes out of a typical wall socket. Students should have working knowledge of basic Geometry concepts, such as Trigonometry. Projects include building a cell phone charger.

Electronics 3 Honors
Students study analog circuits, including transistors, operational amplifiers and oscillators, This subject requires knowledge of more advanced topics such as logarithms and exponentials.

Electronics 4 Honors
Students will study Digital Electronics and how they impact our daily lives, from cell phones to video games to automobiles. Many circuits will be built that simulate these common items. Students will also be taught basic micro-controller computer programming as a means to understand how digital circuits are designed, built and modified.


Job Opportunities

Electronics Install & Repair
$29.82/hr -- $62,020/yr
Install or repair a variety of electrical equipment.

Electrical Engineer
$49.71/hr -- $103,390/yr
Design, test, & supervise the manufacture of electrical equipment.

Electronics Technician
$32.48/hr -- $67,558/yr
Help engineers develop equipment that is powered by electricity.

$28.75/hr -- $59,800/yr
Operate, test, & maintain robotic or electromechanical equipment.

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